What one word would you use to describe your world?

Mine is Adventure.

My life is one big adventure. The last version of adventure involved being 100% nomadic, houseless and quite literally living out of a suitcase bouncing around the world full time. Oh, and I didn’t just travel, I bartered for lodging and used travel as part of my strategy to grow my business. I proactively designed my world to look this way, because it was the life that felt the most aligned for me. My newest adventure is focused on fostering teenagers, which means I’m now slowly re-designing my life to include stability because fostering feels aligned.

Everyone has their own word. Their own path.

The life that feels the most aligned for you could involve being a stay at home parent, or a farmer, or a high power executive. Regardless of what your path looks like, my wish for you is that you choose your path and live aligned to your purpose.

That you choose your word, rather than allow the world to assign it for you.

If you’re designing your life to involve extensive travel, digital nomading, vandwelling or the likes I’d be happy to support you in approaching this strategically and sharing what worked for me. Set up a virtual coffee date here and we can swap stories.

It has become my honor to mentor and guide people through their journey from survival mode to living an intentionally designed life. My clients tell me that I help them discover and stay connected a version of themselves they didn’t realize they were missing. Click here if you’re interested in learning more.