Just be love darlin’

One of the things I love about my life are the conversations I get to have. I recently had an especially impactful chat with this amazing woman.

This is Miss CeCe, she is 84 years old and grew up in Harlem in the 30’s and 40’s. She radiates love and gives the best hugs.

Me: It was so frustrating Miss Cece, I want to help but anytime I open my mouth I’m made wrong. They’re making me wrong for being white because my ancestors made them wrong for being black. It feels like one a big unbreakable cycle. I can’t make my white privilege go away. In the meantime, I want to be an ally, what can I do?

Her: Oh honey, you have such a big heart *gives me one of those amazing hugs of hers*

Her: White people don’t need to do anything but love. Just be love darlin’, love the world. You’re right. You can’t help or change your white privilege anymore than you can change history. Just love everyone. For your generation, racism isn’t your problem. At this point racism is going to have to get fixed from the inside out and for that to happen we need lots of ‘privileged’ white people loving the world and holding space for us black folk to transform our nonsense. Just keep being love darlin’.

I am honored to friends with this wise young woman. I cannot express to you the profound honor I felt in having this conversation. Her answer has given me much to think about. There is no truth in the conversation about racism, it’s all perspective. There is no right answer.

I did recently stumble on this amazing article on how to be a white ally to marginalized communities, which I love. But in the end, continued conversation, inquiry and being love is all I can offer.

I’d love to hear about an especially meaningful conversation you’ve had recently.

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