antiSurvival Mode

When I tell people about my life, how I travel, barter and have no homebase, it’s not uncommon for the response to be, ‘Why would you live that way?‘.

My answer is always the same: Because I love my life!

I choose this life, very intentionally, every day.

Just a handful of years ago my life looked very different. Back in 2013 I was working at my ‘successful’ corporate job, putting in my 60+ hours a week and theoretically life was pretty amazing. I worked a high-level job at the happiest place on earth, owned a home in a trendy part of town, with a nice car. My ‘successful’ even went beyond the tangible, I also had a supportive Partner, loving family, great social life etc.

Never the less, one day I found myself daydreaming and I asked myself, if I could design my life to look any way I wanted, what would that look like? The answer surprised me and left me feeling like I was sleepwalking through someone else’s dream. This version of ‘success’, the one that I was living, wasn’t what I would choose at all! My life suddenly felt foreign that I set out to transform my world.

Flash forward a few years and here I am, living that exact daydreamed life.

I’ve managed to design a world where I do very few things out of obligation. I actively work (and it is work) to notice where I’m making decisions about my life based on fear, scarcity or a reaction to something – I call this survival mode. When I catch myself in survival mode I very intentionally inquire into it, see what I’m afraid of, how can I shift my perspective or find another action to take, how can I design my world? I call this creative, intentional perspective the antiSurivival Mode.

antiSurvival Mode has lead me to live a life full of adventure, connections and experiences. But for some, antiSurvival Mode leads to buying a home and having a family, or perhaps a shift in career and becoming a local community leader. For some, it’s just a matter of living a quiet life that is fulfilling and cozy. There’s no right way – my only wish is that you do it, your way.

Another question I often get asked is why I chose to share my life so thoroughly and transparently with so many people. I’ve been sharing my life for years, I’ve blogged about my experiences since even before ‘social media’ was a thing. The answer for this question is easy too.

I share because I hope to inspire others. My goal is to inspire you to seek out your own version of life in antiSurvival mode and design a world that you’re in love with.

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