Taking this act on the road!

It’s been over a year now since I sold my home and found the courage to go 100% nomadic.

I know, it’s been a whole year!?

Thus far I’ve been flying around, but I’ve decided to take this act on the road, head out in my Volkswagon CC and hop around the US for a bit. I’m super excited!

my excited face

I get some amazing thinking, feeling and connecting done from my car…so, well, this could get very interesting!

I’m still very much attracting people who are interested in my Business or Life Strategy services and are wanting to pay via bartering for lodging. But after a year on the road, I have ‘travel families‘ all over the place and after a lifetime of travel and being, well, me, I have friends all over the place too. So I’m going to start there.

the plan as of 7.13.17

Putting something like this together is like putting together a very complicated puzzle where each piece keeps trying to crawl away. It’s also intimidating, but you know, one scary moment….

Here’s how that plays out, for now, sort of:

  • 7/17 – 7/19 : Jacksonville, FL
  • 7/19 – 7/21 : Summerville, SC
  • 7/21 – 7/22 : Raleigh, NC
  • 7/22 – 7/23 : Orange, VA
  • 7/23 – 7/26 : Washington DC?
  • 7/26 – 8/11 : Philadelphia, PA
  • 8/11 – 8/13 : Kingston, NY
  • 8/13 – 8/15 : Conklin, NY
  • 8/15 – 8/17 : Pittsburgh, PA?
  • 8/17 – 8/21 : Anna, OH
  • 8/21 – 9/22 : Chicago, IL
  • 9/22 -9/23 : Des Moines, IA
  • 9/23 – 9/24 : Omaha, NE?
  • 9/24 – 10/24 : Denver, CO

The bolded cities are my ‘anchor points’, where I’ll be setting up shop for several weeks or more. I’m looking for recommendations for co-working spaces, great networking groups or even introductions to movers, shakers and world changers in those cities.

You may have noticed a few question marks, these are the cities where I have people I want to connect with, but no place to sleep, yet. I sent this list out to my tag-a-long adventurers just yesterday and already have new solid options for DC, Des Moines, and Pittsburgh. Got to love the power of community and being willing to ask!

I still don’t know anyone between DesMoines, IA and Denver, CO. Blue Heron Nebraska is about half way and where I’d like to stop for a sleep. If I don’t find anyone to stay with, my plan is to camp in my car…I’ve never camped alone so that would definitely be an adventure! I actually thought about outfitting my car to live out of it (like these guys), but that’s a LOT to think about and I’d rather use that energy to connect with awesome humans.

After an amazing month in Siesta Key, FL house sitting I’m rested and motivated. I have four days in Orlando to raid the storage unit, fit things into my sedan and get my hugs in with my family and then I’ll be hitting the pavement and on my way!

If you want to become a tag-a-long adventurer and get periodic emails about my lessons from the road, stories of who I meet, what I see etc just click here.

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