Moving On

As I continue to gain strength and become well I’m faced with some decisions. When this all started in October I’d just started to really gain traction in my biz and 6 months of bed rest and fuzzy brain has brought that to a complete halt. I’ve burned through most of my savings on medical costs. I own a cozy amazing house on the outskirts of downtown Orlando which is older and in need of some work. I don’t really have time to rebuild the business, I need cash in the next few months.

The obvious action would be to find a job. My skills are diverse and with my resume and network it would be easy to jump back into corporate life and the pay would be high and come quickly. Given my health that stability and routine sounds responsible.

Thing is, it doesn’t feel right.

If I get a corporate job then I’m back to living a corporate lifestyle which I already know doesn’t work for me.

So I spent the past week or so getting really clear on my core values. What are my pillars, the things I’m so committed to that the rest of my life needs to revolve around them? As I did this work I realized that there’s no way I can let a thing, a house, dictate my lifestyle. So, rather than look for a job I decided to sell the house.

I reached out to an old friend who’s a realtor and next week The Sunshine Bungalow goes on the market!

Update: Within two weeks of listing my house I received an offer for the full list price requested a 30 day closing. 8 weeks after I decided to sell, and 6 weeks after listing it I am no longer a home owner. I’m free to design my life without the weight of caring for The Sunshine Bungalow involved. The best part? The new owner and I have become friends and he’s taking such great care of the space!

Designing My Life

It’s been happening little by little, I seem to be leaning toward a minimalist lifestyle, and something tells me I’m not done slimming down my life.

This is primarily a result of me refocusing my intentions. I spent a great deal of my life in survival mode, reacting to the things around me, putting out one fire after another. I would go to bed and then wake up thinking about all the things I needed to react to. Over the past several years I’ve made a shift into what I call Anti-Survival Mode, where I actually intentionally design my life, proactively making things happen.

For me (this is not the case for all), shifting into Anti-Survival Mode and the shift of perspective that comes with it, has inspired me to slow down and take time to be grateful for what I have and practice designing my world on a daily basis.

What’s funny is I’ve been encouraging my clients to do this in business for years,  I always start by asking two questions:

  • Where are you already winning?
  • What result do you want to produce?

As I do the work to develop my Spiritual Practices and shift my whole life into Anti-Survival Mode, I see that I now start each day off with a variation of those same two questions:

  • What are you grateful for?
  • What is your intention?

I ask these questions daily, in fact I write them down (old school pen and paper) before I get out of bed each day. I don’t just scribble something though. I spend about 5 minutes on it.

Once I pinpoint what I’m grateful for, I spend a couple of minutes meditating on how I’m grateful. What has it given me? What has that then given others? What would life be like without it? Where did it come from, what or who do I need to acknowledge for its presence in my life?

As for my intention, I spend a couple of minutes with it as well. I look at who I have to be today to have that intention get fulfilled. For example, if my intention is ‘productivity’ then I have to be present to my calendar, focused and energized; if my intention is ‘connection’ then I need to be aware of others, open, smiling, available.

I know some people who have a similar practice at the end of their day. As with everything, there are no rules, or ‘right way’ to do this – if this appeals to you, play with it and find what works for you.


I’m committed to sharing myself genuinely, which means being real and not only sharing the stuff that makes me look good. I’ve been dealing with some serious health challenges and have struggled a bit with how to talk about it publicly until I realized, I just talk about it…so here it goes.

I’ve rented out my main house and for the past year, I had been using travel as a way to build Wildflower (my biz), living out of my suitcase. After months of dealing with illness on the road (you may recall a dramatic drive over the border for an ER), I canceled plans to travel abroad for the holidays in favor of settling into the tiny house on my property so I could focus on my health and be near my support system.

I started working with a doc in early Oct and learned that my immune system is not working very well and I have some pre-existing conditions that make diagnosis a bit challenging (kinda feels like an episode of House). Due to insurance challenges, I had to put the doc on hold and spent the last months focusing on energy healing, meditation, healthy choices etc. I am eternally grateful to have an awesome group of friends and family supporting me. And glad that as of Jan 1 (thanks to Obamacare) I’ll have the insurance resources I need to get a formal diagnosis and work towards getting well.

I request that you resist the urge to offer me suggestions of remedies, cures, oils etc. I appreciate the thought, I do, but it can get very overwhelming to weed through. I will ask if I’m looking for advice or suggestions on something specific. With that said, I know my friends are loving and will want to contribute, so here is what you could offer me by means of support:

  • Add me to your prayer list, send me healing energy, vibes etc.
  • I’m extroverted, and there’s only so much time I can spend in my tiny house. Invite me out! 🙂 FYI though, I’m going alcohol-free for 90 days starting Jan 3rd.
  • Be understanding if I cancel plans with you due to my health (so many of you already have been!) and keep trying.
  • I was growing my biz by networking on my travels, I’m now working to pivot my biz model. I could use introductions to people who would benefit from my strategic services. If you aren’t sure exactly what I do, or think you know someone, PM me and I can help make it super easy.
  • My tiny house has a fridge and mic making it hard to cook healthy, pescatarian friendly dishes at home. Invite me to enjoy a home-cooked dinner, drop off single serving left overs, or PM me your favorite veg crockpot recipe.
  • If you personally have healing gifts, whether it be Reiki, a prayer circle, energy work etc., I am accepting all offers of healing work right now.

I would like to note that aside from my health and the financial burden it brings, my life overall is pretty stinking juicy and amazing. Sometimes I can’t believe how fortunate I am and how spectacular the people around me are, it is ridiculous.

Thank you in advance for all of your love and support, given and yet to come.