Sharing the Ugly

My week in Eastern Washington state was amazing.

I was able to rest and be productive and connect and serve all in the same week.

Several really cool things happened during this week.

  1. I got to meet Andrea in person. I met Andrea virtually last September when Sarah found an article about Platonic Wives and sent it to me saying ‘we’re not the only ones!!!’ Andrea was the author of that article. So, me being me, I stalked her, befriended her and then invited her to barter with me so I could stay in her home for a week. It was amazing.
  2. I got to experience offering new services to people. I did spend time talking about business and strategy with Andrea. I also channeled a message from Spirit for someone. This wasn’t the first time, but it was the first time it was clear what was happening and recognized/honored by all present. AND I cooked dinner for her family most nights which I haven’t done much of yet.
  3. Two more states were crossed of my list, making my grand total now 48 of 50 states visited. This leaves me with only two more (Hawaii and New Mexico) to achieve my goal of all 50 by my next birthday. I visited Idaho and Montana on a road trip by myself. It’s been a long time since I traveled alone like that. It was perfect.

I also received a lot from the family I stayed with. Andrea really pushed me to not only make friends with video, but also to share it all, not just the break throughs. Which lead to this video of gratitude for my parents.

I’m sure there’s lots more raw moments to come.

I could really use feedback from you. Does me sharing these sort of moments make a difference for you?

Next stop is incredibly different from the slow pace of Eastern Washington, I’m off to Chicago for a few weeks!