Meltdown (or I miss my Mom)

Earlier this week I had a meltdown.

It’s been about 6 weeks since I left Orlando. Last year when I flew everywhere I didn’t go for more than about 6 weeks without a pit stop in Orlando to swap clothes and get cuddles. So it kinda makes sense that it’s at this point that I start to really miss things.

I really missed my family. Which makes sense and I can wrap my head around that because they’re real, I can touch them, they exist.

I also had a fiercely miss my home. This one is more confusing to process because that doesn’t exist, I don’t have my own space in the traditional sense. I haven’t for over a year. I am missing a place that does not exist. As I sit with this it starts to become clear that I miss an idea, rather than a place.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had these urges.

There have been several occasions where I considered a return to ‘normalcy’ a return to a standard stable lifestyle. Shoot, I sort of had that the first half of the year when I stuck around Orlando to support family.

Here’s the thing, I know that if I were to honor these feelings, hop in the car and drive back to Orlando to settle into a ‘normal’ life…it wouldn’t take but a couple of months before I was antsy, craving the travel life again.

These thoughts, these feelings- they are just that. They are coming from my Monkey Mind, from fear and as a result of living in and being with the very edge of my comfort zone. They were created by my Mind.

I don’t allow my Mind alone to dictate how I live my life. Nope. My Soul is driving that bus.

This is just one more scary moment to get through.

And it’s okay for me to be in the moment, to be scared, to miss my Mom, my Girl, my Guy, my brother, my bed (which is on end in a storage unit) and my coffee table (which is amazing). It’s even okay for me to decide to turn around and drive back to all of those things. If that is what my Soul truly wants.

As I spent the day in my meltdown and eventually processed what was happening and moved through it, I realized that I haven’t been sticking to all of my daily rituals. In the last 3 weeks I slept in 5 different beds and I didn’t sage or ground in any of them. I also haven’t been honoring my commitment to exercise daily and, if I’m honest, I have been resisting the level of meditation my Soul is calling me to. These are all rituals and commitments I’ve put in place because they support me in declaring each new place as my home, in that moment.

No wonder I haven’t felt at home! No wonder I’m feeling home sick for the idea of home, I haven’t been creating it!

Before writing this I spent some time saging the home I’m staying in. I spent time with my grounding point. I invested the afternoon in a long stretch, a good work out and a long bath meditation. I do feel better, more grounded. But I’m still uneasy, there’s still a huge part of my Mind (and Ego?) that are annoyed about how things have been going. I still miss my Mom. And that’s okay.

My Body is much more content now that I gave it some attention.

My Soul is happy, aligned and in the middle of massive expansion.

My Mind is very, very happy My Guy will be here soon for a visit and that I’ll be flying home to the VonMutii in about two weeks.

All is well in Sunni’s World.

Road Trip Logistics

I have been on the road for 30 days and I’ve driven just over 1,300 miles through 9 states. I’ve stayed in 6 different cities with 6 different families. One of which was a client I’d never met in person until I showed up to stay the night.

So far and have spent $270 on gas and $350 on food, everything else I’ve bartered for or been gifted by friends and family.

Today I head out and will spend 12 days slowly making my way through the 1,500+ miles to Chicago. I’ll stop and spend time in 4 cities, staying with 4 different families, 3 of which I’ve never met before in real life.

Conklin, NY is to stay with a Reiki client of mine for 2 nights.

Then on to East Meredith, NY to meet a colleague and guest from #TabooTalk where I’ll stay for 3 nights.

Next is Pittsburgh where I’ll stay 2 nights with the high school buddy of an online friend so that I can spend a full day exploring Falling Waters (a bucket list item).

From there I head to Wapakoneta, OH which is where I have family I haven’t seen in ages and together we’re going to explore Cedar Point and ride some record breaking roller coasters.

Once I’ve had a chance to catch up with family I’ll traverse the final stretch to Chicago where I’ll be staying with the same clients I bartered with last year.

Managing this sort of trip is not simple. I have a spreadsheet where I’m tracking the hours, miles and people. Staying in communication with that many people, verifying dates, times, boundaries – it takes something. Add in the fact that my car has been throwing me curve balls which means everyone has to be flexible within a day or two and well – it’s complex.

But, there’s so much juice in it too!

I’ve wanted to travel my whole life. I actually got to travel as a child more than many my age thanks to Mom’s family being in Baltimore and Dad having family outside of Charleston. We made family road trips up I95 several times a year and they were filled with pit stops for homeschool field trips.

I actually got to travel as a child more than many my age thanks to Mom’s family being in Baltimore and Dad having family outside of Charleston. We made family road trips up I95 several times a year and they were filled with pit stops for homeschool field trips.

I always dreamed of far away places though. Rome, Russia, Thailand.

Since 2003 I’ve been to 48 of the 50 US States, 30+ countries on 3 continents. I’ve seen all of the sites, ate the foods, done the things.

With this road trip I’m shifting my focus to people. I’m visiting places and people that aren’t near major airports, that I wouldn’t otherwise see or maybe even meet. Instead of feeling pressure to hit all the big sites I’m meandering, stopping when and where I want to.

It may be challenging to coordinate, but the juice far outweighs the effort.

The Art of Philly

While Philadelphia is very gritty, it’s also filled with art. From graffiti to theater and murals.

I asked around and was told to check out the Grounds for Sculpture, which is just outside of Trenton, NJ about 45 minutes from Philly.

I spent more than 4 hours exploring this amazing space. The grounds were beautifully kept and there was quite literally art tucked into every corner. Often I would spot a foot path leading into a grove of trees or stand of bushes, follow it and find a hidden gem.

While I took lots of photos, it really takes video to do this place justice. Here’s a highlights reel of my favorite pieces.

My mom is often envious of my travels and wishes she could tag-along in person. She would have loved this place. I recorded about two hours of my explorations and then sped it up into a 20-minute walk-about for her, if you’re interested you can watch it here.

I’ve also enjoyed visiting salvage yards and thrift stores around the city – also full of funky, artistic displays and pieces.

 Check out the quick video full of seconds from my 2.5 weeks in Philly, including more street art.

My 1st week on the road

So, in case you haven’t been keeping up, I’ve shifted from flying around the US to driving. I’ve embarked on an endless road-trip and, aside from a delayed start, everything has been going as planned.

Driving is different from flying around the country for all of the obvious reasons. But there’s a whole bunch of less obvious things I’m discovering.

First, I’m so extroverted and social I wasn’t sure if I would like spending that much time alone, but it’s been awesome! I’m loving that I can listen to the 1940’s station on Sirius Radio without annoying my Partner.

It’s also awesome that I can stop at every single Co-Op or local crunchy granola market if I feel like it.

I’m also impressed with how productive I’ve been able to be from the car. I’ve been recording audio files, using voice to text to write blogs and emails (like this one!), taking client calls and listening to audio books. I’ve scheduled myself to only drive during the day and so far that’s been working out perfectly.

What’s been surprising is how exhausted I’ve been at the end of each day. Apparently driving takes a lot more energy than I thought, that combined with the fact that when I get to my destination I want to chat and connect with my host – I’ve been sleeping very well each night.

I’ve taken video every day since I left – here’s what the first week of life on the road looked like:

I’ve made it to my first anchor city, Philadelphia. I’m spending a couple of weeks here with very dear friends. We co-work during the day and chat and have fun in the evenings and weekends. It’s great to settle in a bit and sleep in the same bed more than one night! Oh, and there’s an adorable kitten, Scout who’s become my bed mate and loves hanging out in my backpack.

On that note, until next time! 🙂

How bad do you want it?

I spent the past week planning and prepping to shift my life to road-tripping mode. In the midst of my planning the Universe decided to ask me:

just how bad do you want this?

Since I spent the past several months hanging at my Partner’s place I’d accumulated a decent amount of belongings out of my storage unit. Also, last year I lived out of my Condo (aka suitcase) and revisited my Storage unit every 4-6 weeks.

With the endless roadtrip I’ll have lots of extra space (I mean, a whole car!), but I won’t be able to get to my Storage Unit regularly.

It took me about 20 hours to go through everything, put things away in Storage, choose what to go into the Condo and what to go into my car. I bought several tools to help me stay organized but ultimately didn’t need most of them. I was worried my trunk was going to be jam packed – it’s not.

Basically what I added to the car was:

– 1 bin of winter clothes
– 1 bin of occasional clothes (dressy, professional, beachwear)
– 1 small bin of craft and biz supplies
– 2 tiny bins of workshops in a box (1 woo woo and 1 biz)
– 1 carry on sized suitcase of linens
– 1 pillow
– 1 suitcase stand

I also put a decent soft cooler and a bag of kitchen supplies into my car. It really wasn’t that much. I’m pretty impressed with my minimalism. Honestly, if you knew me 10 years ago you’d be seriously impressed.


I got everything packed up Saturday night. Sunday morning the plan was to go to church and then go to my parents for the night and then off to Jacksonville Monday morning.

Sunday morning I went bopping out to my car, and well, here’s what happened next:

What I ultimately discovered was, the mechanical issues weren’t a ‘sign’ that I shouldn’t go. Rather, they were an opportunity for me to show God/Universe/Spirit/Divine just how committed I am to taking the actions that align me to my purpose. So I pushed through, found a solution and I’m on my way!

Taking this act on the road!

It’s been over a year now since I sold my home and found the courage to go 100% nomadic.

I know, it’s been a whole year!?

Thus far I’ve been flying around, but I’ve decided to take this act on the road, head out in my Volkswagon CC and hop around the US for a bit. I’m super excited!

my excited face

I get some amazing thinking, feeling and connecting done from my car…so, well, this could get very interesting!

I’m still very much attracting people who are interested in my Business or Life Strategy services and are wanting to pay via bartering for lodging. But after a year on the road, I have ‘travel families‘ all over the place and after a lifetime of travel and being, well, me, I have friends all over the place too. So I’m going to start there.

the plan as of 7.13.17

Putting something like this together is like putting together a very complicated puzzle where each piece keeps trying to crawl away. It’s also intimidating, but you know, one scary moment….

Here’s how that plays out, for now, sort of:

  • 7/17 – 7/19 : Jacksonville, FL
  • 7/19 – 7/21 : Summerville, SC
  • 7/21 – 7/22 : Raleigh, NC
  • 7/22 – 7/23 : Orange, VA
  • 7/23 – 7/26 : Washington DC?
  • 7/26 – 8/11 : Philadelphia, PA
  • 8/11 – 8/13 : Kingston, NY
  • 8/13 – 8/15 : Conklin, NY
  • 8/15 – 8/17 : Pittsburgh, PA?
  • 8/17 – 8/21 : Anna, OH
  • 8/21 – 9/22 : Chicago, IL
  • 9/22 -9/23 : Des Moines, IA
  • 9/23 – 9/24 : Omaha, NE?
  • 9/24 – 10/24 : Denver, CO

The bolded cities are my ‘anchor points’, where I’ll be setting up shop for several weeks or more. I’m looking for recommendations for co-working spaces, great networking groups or even introductions to movers, shakers and world changers in those cities.

You may have noticed a few question marks, these are the cities where I have people I want to connect with, but no place to sleep, yet. I sent this list out to my tag-a-long adventurers just yesterday and already have new solid options for DC, Des Moines, and Pittsburgh. Got to love the power of community and being willing to ask!

I still don’t know anyone between DesMoines, IA and Denver, CO. Blue Heron Nebraska is about half way and where I’d like to stop for a sleep. If I don’t find anyone to stay with, my plan is to camp in my car…I’ve never camped alone so that would definitely be an adventure! I actually thought about outfitting my car to live out of it (like these guys), but that’s a LOT to think about and I’d rather use that energy to connect with awesome humans.

After an amazing month in Siesta Key, FL house sitting I’m rested and motivated. I have four days in Orlando to raid the storage unit, fit things into my sedan and get my hugs in with my family and then I’ll be hitting the pavement and on my way!

If you want to become a tag-a-long adventurer and get periodic emails about my lessons from the road, stories of who I meet, what I see etc just click here.

Sharing the Ugly

My week in Eastern Washington state was amazing.

I was able to rest and be productive and connect and serve all in the same week.

Several really cool things happened during this week.

  1. I got to meet Andrea in person. I met Andrea virtually last September when Sarah found an article about Platonic Wives and sent it to me saying ‘we’re not the only ones!!!’ Andrea was the author of that article. So, me being me, I stalked her, befriended her and then invited her to barter with me so I could stay in her home for a week. It was amazing.
  2. I got to experience offering new services to people. I did spend time talking about business and strategy with Andrea. I also channeled a message from Spirit for someone. This wasn’t the first time, but it was the first time it was clear what was happening and recognized/honored by all present. AND I cooked dinner for her family most nights which I haven’t done much of yet.
  3. Two more states were crossed of my list, making my grand total now 48 of 50 states visited. This leaves me with only two more (Hawaii and New Mexico) to achieve my goal of all 50 by my next birthday. I visited Idaho and Montana on a road trip by myself. It’s been a long time since I traveled alone like that. It was perfect.

I also received a lot from the family I stayed with. Andrea really pushed me to not only make friends with video, but also to share it all, not just the break throughs. Which lead to this video of gratitude for my parents.

I’m sure there’s lots more raw moments to come.

I could really use feedback from you. Does me sharing these sort of moments make a difference for you?

Next stop is incredibly different from the slow pace of Eastern Washington, I’m off to Chicago for a few weeks!

Road Trip!

What an amazing vacation!

Kirk and I managed to balance time in the car with relaxation with nature and adventures.

The best way to get a sense of everything we did is to check out my Instagram or Flickr photos. Here are some of my favorite moments.

Kirk is 6’5″ and fairly camera shy. I started a series of pics I call ‘things that make Kirk look tiny’.

We managed to spend our first night in a light house. The sunset is one I doubt I’ll forget.

Our first real exposure to the Redwood Forrest had us stop and make a picnic by a river to take it all in.

It was my first time white water rafting – it will not be my last. My favorite part was when Kirk’s torso fell out of the raft for about 30 seconds. Somehow his feet never left the boat… No pics from the actual raft, but this is one of the rapids we went through.

Sundays are my days to ground and reconnect with Source. Kirk left me to meditate near the river and returned to capture this. It was the perfect spot for me.

Crater Lake in Oregon is one of the most beautiful bodies of water I’ve ever seen. The day there was magical, we got to throw snow balls at each other! But my favorite part was a crazy hike down the side of a cliff to the water’s edge. Kirk was so patient with me, pushing me to honor my body’s limitations while simultaneously encouraging me to go on. The hike was well worth it as is the trek to the site.

Our trip ended in LA. We met up with some friends and found ourselves having Korean Tapas. The entire meal was interesting, though the point when the waitress brought us brown water was definitely the highlight. Turns out it was ‘Barley Tea’, when I asked for ‘just water’ I was informed they don’t serve it, but I could go next door to the liquor store to buy some… 

Like I said, these are just my favorite moments. There are so many beautiful photos on my Flickr. We crammed a lot of adventuring into 12 days including lots of Redwoods, 4th of July Fireworks, white water rafting, several state parks, sulfur springs, caverns, vineyards, breweries, Golden Gate bridge, art museums, Hollywood Sign, Chinese Theater and more.

It was exactly the restorative time our bodies needed, the connection to nature our souls needed and the bonding time our relationship needed.

Now, back to ‘real life’.